Fused Clapton – Handmade by Ziko

1,199 DIN

The mass of self-winders under the steamers loves custom coils. Clapton, Alien Clapton, Fused Clapton and many more. Although most of them like to come back to simple Wirecoils in between, those who have tasted the steam and often especially the taste of good custom coils will not be able to get away again.

The Custom Coils by Ziko are fused claptons made of the material nickel-chrome in the mixture 80/20 and V2A stainless steel. Each coil is made by hand by Ziko himself. Once you have installed and vaped the Ziko Coils, you should be warned that there is an acute addictive danger. The taste development is exceptionally good, the coils respond very quickly and can be operated easily even with weaker wattages.

The coils were dubbed “magic wire” by Mario Vapor of Vapor Giant. The name is actually very close to reality. Coil master Ziko has a processing step in his production that he keeps secret and which brings the taste of every liquid incredibly well over.

Everyone knows the unattractive results when a coil was too long in the atomizer, preferably with very sweet liquid. You open the tank look at the deck and consider whether this coal briquette must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

If you have installed a Ziko coil, you will heat up the winding neatly, rinse it with water, repeat it once or twice and the coil almost looks like it has just been removed from its glass tube. For most windings, it works just fine once or twice. After that, unfortunately, often the taste. For the Custom Coils by Ziko, it works really well for months. A true magic wire.

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Tehnicke specifikacije:

Materijal NiCr 80/20
Otpor Single Coils ~ 0.35 ohms
Unutrasnji promer 3 mm
Broj namotaja 5
Sirina ~6 mm
Sadrzaj pakovanja 2 Fused Clapton grejaca